Redmond takes pride in its quality of life. A vital economic base, excellent schools, safe neighborhoods with very low crime, green parks with space to play, diverse community events, eclectic shopping and dining opportunities and quality design contribute to Redmond’s strong sense of community. Redmond is younger, and culturally and ethnically more diverse than even Seattle. With more than 30% of Redmond residents born outside of the US, the city’s arts and events offer opportunities for multi-cultural sharing and community engagement. Redmond’s vision is of connected neighborhoods with two vibrant urban centers that are inspired by nature, powered by innovation and committed to excellence. The two urban centers, Downtown and Overlake, are beginning to emerge as thriving neighborhoods where thousands of people live and work, and new residents walk from their homes to restaurants, shops and services, enjoying the many amenities of the urban lifestyle. Residents, employees and visitors stroll along redesigned streets and trails and have choices in how they get around town. The City of Redmond has over 57,700 residents (2014) and an employment population of 81,867 (2013). The City is located 11 miles north east of downtown Seattle, at the east end of State Route 520 along the north end of Lake Sammamish.